Mama's Intuition

Improving speech and language in preschoolers is instrumental in how they will achieve reading milestones in the elementary school years. If a child is continuing to have speech problems past five years of age, can lead to an increased incidence of attention and social difficulties. 

So follow your gut feelings. And find a practitioner who will listen to you, not placate you. It can be hard to get to the root of things when treating kids, but I always know in my practice to listen to the mom and work with her to get her child on the right path. As what it always comes down to is that mama knows best. 

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The Family First Aid Kit

A well-stocked first-aid kit, kept within easy reach, is a necessity in every home.  Injuries that require first aid are urgent, and there often isn’t time to run out to the store to grab the items necessary to treat the injury.  It’s also convenient to have everything on hand that you’ll need for the next cold or flu that sweeps through your house. Treating colds and flus at the first sign of symptoms can have a powerful impact on the duration and severity of the illness.

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