Allergies from Liquid Gold

Liquid gold. Breast is best. Mama’s milk. All are terms thrown around when it comes to breastfeeding. But what happens when babe is colicky, fussy or has infantile eczema. This is when a mama may reconsider that the nourishment that she is giving her infant may not be best.

Before considering quitting and going to formula, a simple blood test can provide a big window into a resolution.


Here's the background to the link between mama's milk and your babe's health.

Most mama’s know that one of the benefits of breast milk is the conferred immunity that it provides. So that when a mama is exposed to a virus, her immune system mounts an immune response. The immune cells are transferred into the breast milk. Babe takes a suckle and along with the nourishment comes immunity to that virus. What a mama may not consider is that her breast milk will contain immune cells to a whole variety of things, one of them may be the food that she is eating.

Most people are aware of food allergies — foods that mount a severe immune response, anaphylaxis. Food sensitivities, where the immune system mounts a response much more mild & often delayed from the time of ingestion, are often hidden, low grade, variable and often not considered. A mom may doubly not consider that the food she is eating, that feels good to her, may in be fact affecting her babe. 


Food sensitivities can fluctuate in severity based on one’s stress levels. Albeit having a healthy baby can be one of the most blissful times in a mother’s life, it can also be one of the most stressful times on the body. Not only is a mom recouping from labour and delivery, but also is sleep deprived and learning the juggle of a new being into the family. This all sets the body up for stress and can alter how food is digested. 

Find the answers to your food, breast milk and your baby’s health connection via a simple blood test. Your blood is tested against 95 different foods, to look at the amount of IgG present. Elevated IgG levels to a particular food is the nutshell of a food sensitivity. 

What follows is        

  •           Remove the offending foods
  •           Strengthen your digestive system
  •           Learn coping strategies to reduce stress and its effects on the body
  •           Simple remedies to help reduce your stress levels
  •           Heal your child’s ailments — now that the culprit has been removed


With all this implemented, mama’s milk can go back to being liquid gold, soothing and comforting to your bundle of joy. 


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