Healthy Eating into Fall

How to best accomplish it all and keep the family healthy at the same time? 

I find what works best for my family is planning and prepping. Mapping out the week reduces the likelihood of eating on the go, making poor choices between activities and curbing the ever convenient fast food. 

We talk a lot in our family about how to fuel our body correctly for the activity ahead. Eating food that will increase our endurance rather than plummet it. Looking at cause and effect to look back at food choices that were made and how we felt afterward. Good and bad.   

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Focus in the Classroom

Keeping children focused on school work can be a tough task at the best of times. All kids can benefit from brain food to get through the day. Here are some simple steps to get your children on the right track. 

  •  Breakfast sets the stage for the rest of the day and instills healthy habits in your children. Don’t let your children leave home without a protein packed breakfast.
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