Ski Based New Year’s Resolutions

As seen in Apex Matters January Edition

Ringing in the New Year is a time for reflection and for many first steps toward change. As you embark on the new you, remember that changes takes time. Habits — new ones or shedding old ones — can stick if you are patient, are doing what you love and have a goal in mind.


Keep up with the Fitness Off Slope. Conditioning. Cross Training. Warm up/cool down. Apres Ski Hot tub. Any of these fitness programs can reduce injury. There are main muscles that we use while skiing, but it’s equally important to keep working the secondary ones. The trick to adding an exercise ritual to your routine is if it doesn’t make you happy, try something else. If you enjoy it, it will be much easier to stick. 

Stress Less. What better way to reduce stress than spending a day up at the hill. How I see it is Apex days are filling the “reserve” bank account. A good set of turns can keep me going for days. In my family we laugh more, learn how to work together and have shared experiences when we spend a day out on the slopes. The more reserve you have, the easier it will be to accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions.

Fuel Your Body with Premium. Be mindful of what you fuel your body with. Instead of focusing on cutting out the bad things, try putting your energy into adding in more that is good. I like to pack my ski pack with whole food protein bars, grass fed beef or turkey jerky, dates and dark chocolate. If you are on a new diet to ring in the new year — make sure you listen to your body. What may work for your friend, may not be fueling you. 


Goal Setting. This is a time of year that my family work on our vision boards for the upcoming year - family, work, play. A few years ago we each had on our vision boards pictures of ski hills. I believe that the time put into visioning brought us here. Another tip is to make small changes, spread out your resolutions over the year. 


Gratitude. Being thankful in life can attract more. Often we focus on what we want to get rid of in the new year. Instead weave in some gratitude to what you are already doing. There is power in  passing it on and keeping a positive attitude. 

A big part of what I do in my practice is help my patients set goals and make changes. And to make those changes stick. I have supported my patients through their challenges to help their achievements impact their health for the long term. If you are needing help in motivation, inspiration or follow through, I can be of help to you. 

Dr. Deirdre O’Neill, Naturopathic Physician, has an expertise in Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma. She practices in Penticton. You can also find her on the hill as part of the volunteer Canadian Ski Patrol.