Earth Day

Spring has sprung. Days are getting longer. Time for more outdoor play & digging in the garden. The abundance of new life has me in gratitude. And here comes Earth Day. A time to reflect on how I can trod lightly on the planet and preserve its beauty for future generations.

In my naturopathic medical practice, I work at healing patients from the ailments that they have. Helping people to have fuller lives - more energy, vitality & getting back to doing what they love to do. This helping hand can extend toward healing the planet. 

Choose Organic

Organic food not only is more vital and higher in nutrients but it also is lower in pesticides. Organic farming brings nutrients into the soil, enhancing the growing medium even after the harvest. When food is sprayed with pesticides, a residue remains on the food that our bodies now need to process. This residue stays in the soil, eventually affecting the groundwater. 

Not all families can afford organic food 100% of the time. I recommend to keep handy the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen list. This helps to make informed choices on what foods you purchase ritually organic.

Drink Filtered Water

We can’t live without water. Keeping hydrated is life sustaining. Few would think that pulling water from the tap would undermine your health. Even clean city water is dirtier than it looks. It’s been disinfected & has traveled along pipelines leading to a multitude of contaminants, pesticides and chemicals by the time it reaches your tap. Bottled water isn’t the answer. The bottles end up in the landfill all too quickly. Choose a filtration system that suits your family’s needs to both clean up your drinking water and helping reduce impact on the Earth.

Get Outside

What better way to connect with the Earth, then to spend it outside. We are in a crisis of nature deficit disorder. Too much time spent inside, disconnected from nature. By increasing outdoor play, it invariably reduces screen time for all. Fresh air and exercise boosts your immune system, is vitalizing & benefits mental health. 

Coined as Green Exercise

Researchers showed that self esteem and mood improved by being in a green environment and was further enhanced by the presence of water. 

This Earth Day I plan to spend it outside, in my garden working the earth and appreciating the beauty of the South Okanagan. I hope you enjoy your Earth Day.



Barton et al. What is the Best Dose of Nature and Green Exercise for Improving Mental Health? A Multi-Study Analysis. Environmental Science & Technology 2010 44 (10), 3947-3955