Baby It's Cold Outside

In this part of the province, we have seen consistent temperatures in the minus celsius range for a few weeks now. I am starting to see chapped lips. And in kids leading to infected chins, with the constant licking.

Here are a few tips to get us through this cold snap. 

Up the fish oils

Fat & oils are thermogenic — heat retaining. The nature of every cell is that it is wrapped in an envelope of a fat - phospholipid layer. Being that our skin is a large organ, lower levels of fatty acids can present as dry, chapped skin. 


Natural salve

Look for Calendula in the ingredients.       Use it on the cheeks & exposed areas. Many natural chapsticks will contain calendula in their ingredients.


Humidifier in the home

In the Okanagan, where the climate is dry, keeping a humidifier on at all times may not be a bad idea. You can always add in a few drops of essential oil to the mix, to ease the respiratory system or pretty up the smell in the house. 


Especially for kids who can loose their core body temperature quickly. I dress my kids warmly throughout the winter, and encourage that they wear wool based long underwear through these colder days. 

Hot packs

Consider purchasing those hot packs for your feet and hands if you are spending extended periods outdoors. This will help to reduce the risk of frostbite and reduce cabin fever by keeping the kids outside for longer stretches for play. 

Warming foods & tea

This is where I bring out my curries and chai tea. Keeping up with my liquid intake of a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water or tea, will help to hydrate my skin from the inside - out. 

Here is a link to a great chai tea recipe. 

Chai Rooibos Tea

And try and get out there to enjoy the beauty of these blue bird, albeit cold days.



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