When we think of antioxidants, Vitamins C & E from fruits and vegetables or supplements roll off our tongues as sources for combatting aging. What isn’t as household of a name is Glutathione. Yet I’d say that Glutathione is the master of all antioxidants. 

Glutathione is the antidote to modern living. Its depletion is associated with disease and aging — fall outs from oxidative stress. It plays a role in DNA repair, immune response and detoxification — neutralizing toxins. 


Glutathione is primarily produced by the liver. It’s made of three simple amino acids — cysteine, glycine and glutamine. Glutathione is naturally recycled by the body. When the toxic load gets to high, the body is recovering from an infection or there are times of high stress — the body can’t keep up with the demand and glutathione levels crash.

Before you rush out the health food store to purchase glutathione in a bottle, think again. Glutathione is poorly absorbed orally. Your digestive tract breaks it down and eliminates it. Your gut wastes that bottle of youth before you get any advantage of it.

Oral sources are best derived from precursors to glutathione & other antioxidants —

  •      Alpha lipoic acid
  •      Whey protein
  •      N acetyl cysteine
  •      Methylation factors
  •      Vitamin C & E


You can enhance glutathione levels by reducing its demand. Glutathione gets used up in when the body is trying to neutralize toxins, dropping your toxin load can up your innate glutathione levels. 

There is another way to supplement with glutathione directly. This is with intravenous treatment. Glutathione IV is a simple intravenous treatment, administered quickly over 15 minutes. 

Who should consider Glutathione treatment?

  •      Neurological disorders
  •      Parkinson’s disease
  •      Detoxification
  •      Post Concussion    
  •      Adjunct to chelation - to reduce heavy metal overload
  •      Migraines
  •      Lyme disease 

Impressive work was initially done by Dr Perlmutter, with the use of Glutathione in Parkinsons disease. I have seen this too in my practice. Seeing dramatic changes in tremor intensity and frequency with the use of IV glutathione once to twice per week. 

Results to expect from IV Glutathione therapy

  •      Reduce tremor progression in Parkinson’s disease
  •      Improve balance and coordination in Parkinson’s disease
  •      Improve energy levels
  •      Improve mood
  •      Slow down the aging process

Make an appointment with Dr O’Neill to learn more about how IV glutathione therapy can help you. 


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