Winter Solstice

The winter solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year. Symbolically it is marked as a time of turning inward, reflecting into the darkness. As you turn inward, you can gain more understanding of yourself and your path. Reflection on your life and path can help you see what is serving you and that which needs to be let go of.



I have found in my practice that in the silence and stillness, comes much revelation. The practice of mindfulness meditation captures the essence of this reflective awareness of life’s events, feelings and experiences without judgement.


Taking this one step further, John Kabat-Zinn pioneered the research backed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs that have shown improvement in mental and physical health. 




Mindfulness can improve our memory and learning capacity. Practicing Mindfulness Meditation can help reduce the chatter, help us to focus. Taking this time to focus, can improve our productivity, acting as a guide on this journey. 



I think this quiet reflection is important for making the steps toward those new year’s goals and resolutions.



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