Environmental Medicine

Toxins, ever-present in our environment, can have harmful effects on our health by increasing the risk for chronic disease. Toxins result from an abnormal metabolism or from environmental exposure.

The body’s organ systems responsible for toxin elimination include the intestines, liver, kidneys, respiratory, skin and lymphatic system. Symptoms centred around these organs frequently indicate a need to alleviate the strain on organs. These tell-tale symptoms can include headaches, chronic pain, weight gain, allergies, indigestion, rashes and frequent colds. 

Specialty testing for environmental health offered at Sage Clinic includes:

  • Food and environmental allergy testing
  • Lyme panel through IGeneX
  • Yeast culture and sensitivity
  • Heavy metal testing
  • Vitamin and mineral testing

Chelation therapy is an excellent treatment for atherosclerosis and heavy metal toxicity. Chelation is derived from the Latin word “chele” meaning claw of a crab. This refers to how the chelating agent – DMPS or EDTA – binds and excretes heavy metals found in tissues or arterial plaques.

This therapy improves the delivery of oxygen to the tissue through better blood flow. Chelation of toxic metals can also benefit patients who suffer from neurological and degenerative conditions. The ultimate effect of chelation is the restoration of healthy arteries.

Detoxification can play an integral role in fertility and family planning. Following a detox program for fertility is like preparing a garden’s soil prior to planting. Couples undergo detoxification protocols prior to conception to set the stage for a healthier pregnancy. Reducing toxins and heavy metals from the body’s tissues reduces what can cross the placental barrier. Women can reap the benefits of detoxification by achieving balance to a hormonal system that can be turned on or off by toxins.

Dr. O’Neill will guide you through safe and effective detoxification programs to bring you satisfying results. Based on your needs, she offers various programs – modified diets, botanical and nutrient cleansing, biotherapeutic drainage and chelation therapy.

Our programs are easy to follow and will provide you with high-quality supplements and supportive dietary recommendations.